As a kid, I loved to eat snacks. However, as I learnt about the importance of good nutrition and how it can bring good changes to the body, I wanted to make better choices on the foods that I eat. Being used to eating all kinds of junk food, I wasn’t able to quit all at once. If I couldn’t find better alternatives, I knew it would be hard to change my eating habits. From there came the idea of creating my own range of healthy snacks, so I can continue snacking and actually benefit from it at the same time.

To me, a good snack is something you can eat regularly without feeling guilty, so I started exploring different ingredients and have gradually expanded my vegan snack collection to biscuits, nuts and coconut chips.

Quality, flavour and variety are equally important factors to Eat Better Kitchen. Our products are made with premium, natural ingredients with no MSG and preservatives. Our motto is to bring everyone delicious and fun snacks that’ll also make you feel great and I hope foodies out there can enjoy snacking again the healthy way. You got to do what makes you happy!