It all started when my grandfather opened his first Chinese restaurant in Tsimshatsui in 1972 - Sun King Restaurant. From this moment all my family talked about was food. Naturally, I inherited the same interests and from there the idea of Eat Better was born. 

As a family, we would travel day and night to find quality ingredients in hidden corners and little shops around Hong Kong. 

And as a child, some of my most cherished moments were spent in the kitchen watching my grandmother cook, bonding over food, and being the first to taste her cooking and give my expert feedback. Because of this, it did not take long for Chinese to become my favourite cuisine.

The thing I missed most while studying in the UK was Chinese food, especially the home-cooked kind that my family would make. To remedy my homesickness, my mother would send me ready-made frozen Chinese mushrooms, cooked in her secret sauce that I would keep in the freezer.

Potluck dinners were also very popular amongst my peer group, and I used this opportunity to show-off mum’s delicious mushrooms, which could be easily reheated and ready for friends to taste in minutes. They were a hit amongst my friends, which took me by surprise, as I did not expect such a simple Chinese dish to be so popular. Sharing a piece of home with friends from different cultures was pure bliss and something that I now want to share with an even wider audience.

All of these memories combined with the ease and taste of my family’s home-cooked Chinese recipes are the inspiration behind Eat Better and I want to now make them available to you!

With no MSG, preservatives or additives, and promising delicious, top quality, value for money and convenient home-style food for those of you with busy schedules, Eat Better’s products can be bought online, kept in the freezer and heated when it’s convenient. We have also extended our products to natural snacks so that you can still feel happy and great after snacking!