We hope to expand our Eat Better Team and we welcome anyone who is as enthusiastic about health and food as we are. Simply send us your CV to and you will be contacted shortly.

Joyce Lau – Founder


Joyce is born and raised in a traditional family in Hong Kong. Because of her grandfather’s Chinese restaurant, she grew up having to celebrate every occasion with Chinese food. She had the luxury to do a lot of taste testing and learn about the Chinese culture in eating at a young age.

Joyce completed her bachelors degree in University College of London. During her years in London, she would explore new restaurants and try different cuisines, but what she missed the most was always the comfort food made at home.

“What I love most about home cooked food is that it is nothing fancy, but at the same time, delicious, wholesome and nourishing to the body.” Joyce hopes to bring this down-to-earth yet satisfying richness to the friends of Eat Better and help everyone make better food choices.

Kaseph Chan – Asisstant Manager


Kaseph is an outgoing person who loves outdoor sports, especially water sports. He owns a Grade 1 Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate and will spend his spare time going rock climbing, swimming and jogging. His motivation to exercise comes from his belief in keeping a healthy body and lifestyle.

“You are what you eat. It is important to be cautious about the nutrients you are feeding your body.”

Kaseph is a foodie and loves eating out, but he also understands that it is difficult to avoid MSG, food preservatives and additives. That’s why he hopes to share with the people around him his motto of healthy living and why it is important to Eat Better!